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BEETROOT AND BRAEBURN SOUP with horseradish cream

My house in the UK has a little garden which, with some encouragement would yield small crops of beetroot and Jerusalem artichokes. It also has an apple tree which would put all its efforts into offering us a handful of fruits every autumn. It was this trio of homegrown delights that first inspired me to make this soup.

Whilst I really enjoyed it the artichokes in it gave Mr. Colonial Cravings some slightly anti-social side effects (apparently pretty common) so I haven’t made it since. It’s best for everyone that way!

beetroot and braeburn soup

We have just spent two weeks playing host to four of our friends from the UK, over-indulging ourselves and are now in need of some proper nourishment so I thought that I might tweak the recipe a bit and have another crack at it.
I have substituted the artichokes for a few potatoes which give the soup a lovely velvety texture but I’ve added a squeeze of lemon juice so I don’t lose all of the freshness that the artichokes provided.
This recipe works well whether you use beetroot that you’ve just plucked from the ground or the kind that you get from supermarket where someone else taken care of the messy part for you! You also don’t have to use Braeburn apples (I just like the alliteration) but make sure you pick a tart crisp apple for the best flavour.
You can serve this piping hot or refreshingly chilled.


makes 1200ml

250g beetroot
250g potatoes
1 medium carrot
1/2 large red onion
1 medium apple
1 tsp butter
salt and pepper
fresh lemon juice
2 tbs soured cream
2 tsp prepared horseradish

beetroot and braeburn soup

Peel and finely dice all of the raw vegetables, if you are using ready prepared beetroot just slice it.
In a large lidded pan, sweat the onion in the butter with a pinch of salt so that it cooks but doesn’t brown. Add the carrot, potatoes and raw beetroot (if using) and let this cook for a couple of minutes before adding the stock.
Peel, core and slice the apple. Add this (along with the prepared beetroot if that’s what your are using) to the pan reduce the heat. Let the whole lot simmer away until the vegetables and apple are soft.
Remove from the heat and blend until completely smooth. Season with lots of black pepper, a quick squeeze of lemon juice and additional salt if needed.

Mix the soured cream with the horseradish and dollop on top of the soup once you are ready to serve. Fresh, creamy comfort all in one bowl.

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