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Eggnog isn’t nearly as popular in the UK as it is in America. Back home we tend to favour hot toddies and mulled wine or cider over this creamy, custard-y concoction. I do however have a bit of soft spot for it. Not so much as a drink, but I do really like the combination of flavours. Which is why I’ve turned it into an ice cream.

no-churn eggnog ice cream

Sadly you can’t get too trigger happy with the booze in this (which I am prone to) because it will stop the ice cream from freezing fully.
The perfect accompaniment to all sorts of seasonal desserts or simply to eat straight from the tub, curled up under a blanket on the sofa watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’…

no-churn eggnog ice cream

Makes approx 1 litre

300ml double/whipping cream
175g condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla paste/seeds of 1 vanilla pod
2 tbsp rum/bourbon
1/2 a nutmeg, freshly grated

Put everything in a large bowl and whip together until thick and fluffy. Pour into a freezable container and freeze for several hours until firm.

no-churn eggnog ice cream


If you like your ice cream to have a bit of textural interest then stir through some crumbled gingerbread pieces before freezing.

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