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I think that my mum might be one of the few people I know who is yet to receive one of my Colonial Cravings makes. But no one escapes forever and it’s her Birthday so that seems like a good excuse to make something for her.

appliqué tree cushionShe loves a good whodunnit so I’ve given her a trilogy of books and this cushion to cosy up with whilst she reads them.

I’m not very good with zips so I made the cushion with the opening across the centre of the back and attached some pretty ribbon to the edges so that it can simply be tied closed. I’ve made it in the same way as the Seaside bag that is also on this blog, using iron-on bonding before stitching around the edges of the little trees. I say trees but I’m still not really sure if they are trees or leaves, perhaps I should let my mum decide.





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