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Dry January is nearly over, not that I was participating, I’m more of a ‘everything in moderation sort of girl’. But for those of you that were, this might just be the perfect reward for your abstinence.

Apple cinnamon gin


My friends back home seem to have developed a real knack for introducing me to drinks that I fall in love with and then struggle to find on this side of the pond. Last time it was Earl Grey gin, this time it’s apple and cinnamon infused gin.

I think what I actually drank was Williams Chase gin but I have only ever heard it referred to as ‘cinnagin’ by my friends. Although I doubt that’s what they ask for at the bar.

Apple cinnamon gin


I’ve tried to recreate the taste by infusing my gin with cinnamon sticks and slices of crisp apple. The only hard part of this is waiting two weeks before you can drink it…

200ml good gin (I used Tanquerey)
1 small crisp apple (mine was a Mackintosh)
1 cinnamon stick (broken into a few pieces)

Apple cinnamon gin


Wash and slice the apple but don’t bother to peel or core it. Pop it into a sterilised jar with the gin and the cinnamon. Give it a shake and put it in a cool dark place for 2 weeks.
Strain and serve. I like mine mixed with a little elderflower cordial and tonic water with a slice of apple and lots of ice.

Apple cinnamon gin


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