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bakewell ice cream

My Bakewell tart of a few months back has proved very popular so, as the mercury shows no signs of retreating yet, I couldn’t resist bringing the same flavours to some cool, creamy, indulgent ice cream.
I have cheated a little bit and used soft amaretti biscuits in place of the frangipan that would normally adorn a Bakewell tart. The sweet, creamy almond ice cream is off-set by the tangy sharpness of the raspberries. Yummy!
Like all the ice cream recipes on Colonial Cravings, this doesn’t need you to remember to stir it every 30 minutes (hurrah!) and home made ice cream is always more impressive than anything that you buy from the shops. Go on, give it a try…

bakewell tart ice cream


300ml double cream
175g condensed milk
1 1/2 tsp almond extract
2 tbsp fresh or thawed raspberries
1 tbsp raspberry jam
a few soft amaretti biscuits
toasted flaked almonds to serve

Simply put the condensed milk, cream and almond essence into a large bowl and whisk it until the mixture is really fluffy. Crumble the amaretti biscuits into the bowl and gently fold them through the mixture. Lightly mash the raspberries with a fork and stir them into the jam. Swirl this through the ice cream base, try not to over mix it. Transfer the whole lot to a freezable container and pop it in the freezer to firm up and set.

Sprinkle with a few toasted flaked almonds before serving and if you’re feeling particularly decadent you could even add a little drizzle of Amaretto. Yeah, you know you want to…

bakewell ice cream

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