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Cherry Old Fashioned

On the whole I’m not much of a whiskey drinker, rum and gin are more my cup of tea, so to speak.
I can, however, easily have my arm twisted to a bourbon Old Fashioned, I think it’s the cherries. I love fresh cherries even more than the jewel-like maraschino ones from a jar so I thought I’d give using them a whirl for a change. It’s so good it could well become my new drink of choice.
Try to use large ice cubes as they will melt more slowly.

makes 1

4 fresh very ripe cherries (pitted)
1 brown sugar cube
5 dashes of bitters (I use Peychauds)
1/8 tsp vanilla paste
50ml bourbon (I use Gentleman Jack)
strip of lemon zest

Put the cherries, sugar cube and bitters into a chilled rocks glass and muddle together. Don’t break up the cherries too much, you just want to release a bit of their juice and to dissolve the sugar into that and the bitters. Add the remaining ingredients and the ice and stir together well. Serve with a swizzle stick.

Cherry Old Fashioned

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