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Peach and herb jam
This was made purely as a way of using things up. Whilst rummaging in my overfilled fruit bowl I discovered some slightly geriatric peaches, not too far gone but the skins were certainly starting to get the sort of wrinkles I wouldn’t be happy with! We also still have several chilis growing on our deck, along with some basil and oregano, all seemingly in denial about the rapidly retreating warmth and sun.
That’s kind of the point of jam making though isn’t it? Preserving what you can’t consume now, it also means that in the gloom of winter you can open a jar of summer!


makes one large jar

400g peaches
400g sugar
juice of 1/2 lime
1 red chili
8ish basil leaves
2 sprigs of oregano

Peach and herb jam


Put a small saucer in the freezer to test the jam later for setting point.

Roughly chop the fruit. You can peel it if you’re that way inclined but I can never muster the energy to do that. I quite like the skin in the jam, it reminds me of the chunky apricot jam that we always used to eat slathered on crusty baguettes in France.
Put this in a large pan and stir in the sugar and lime juice. Stab the chili with the point of a knife. I tend to go a little bit Norman Bates with mine because I like quite a lot of warmth from it but do it less if you want to keep it subtle.
Put this in the pan too and place it over a moderate heat. Bring the mixture to a gentle rolling boil and leave it to bubble for around 30 minutes.
Test the jam to see if it’s reached setting point by dropping a spoonful of it onto the saucer that you put in the freezer earlier. Leave it to cool for a moment then push your finger through it, if the surface wrinkles then it’s ready. Once it has reached this point turn off the heat, remove the chili and stir in the chopped fresh herbs.
Pour the jam into warm sterilized jars, label, seal and leave to cool.

Peach and herb jam


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