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On Thursday night I was driving back from my volunteering ‘job’ when I decided that, seeing as Mr Colonial Cravings was spending the evening down in D.C, I might treat myself to something nice from Whole Foods for dinner.

As I was wending my way slowly to the checkout (I can’t help but browse the whole store every time I’m there) I spotted that The Counter, their in-store diner, was sectioned off for a local blogger and media tasting event. Obviously, being a local blogger this caught my attention. So I bimbled over (dinner in hand) to ask how I could find out about future events. And what do you know, the lovely lady I spoke to said that I was welcome to come along to this one!. Hurrah! And also yum!

Chickpea fries with truffle salt - oh yes!
Chickpea fries with truffle salt – oh yes!

So what can I expect to entertain my tastebuds next time I’m at The Counter in Whole Foods (Columbia MD) I hear you ask? Well for a start there are plenty of vegan options, which is never a bad thing but they aren’t shy with the meat either (short-rib burger anyone?) Breakfast, lunch or dinner – they’ve got you covered. Obviously being a non-meat eater meant I couldn’t try everything on offer but judging by the feed-back of the other bloggers (lots of mmmms through full mouths) the fried chicken and biscuit is worth a mention. As far as the breakfast options go the wheatless pancakes were not at all what I expected, in a good way. I remember the first time that I ate wheatfree bread, it was dry and brittle, sucked all the moisture from my mouth and was generally all sorts of disappointing. Not so with these, they were light and fluffy and delightfully crisp on the outside. Totally unexpected and when paired with the tangy apple butter they make a real breakfast treat.

Crispy sesame broccoli with plenty of crunch!
Crispy sesame broccoli with plenty of crunch!

There are also a good selection of lunch and dinner options on offer, including but by no means limited to, Laksa (which I have to admit was a little too gingery for me, I usually make it a bit more mellow), crab cakes (well we are in Maryland!) and my new favourite, avocado tacos! It’s got avocado and chipotle so it was always going to win my heart. Deep fried avocado may well be my new decadent treat of choice. Crispy and creamy and crunchy and tangy all at the same time – joyous!

If you need any evidence of how tasty the food is then note the lack of pictures in this post – I was way too busy eating to think about taking photographs. Sorry. (But also not sorry!) Lots of inspiration and food for thought (how could I resist the pun!?!) Maybe I’ll see you at The Counter, I’ll be the one with avocado on my chin.

FYI, my dinner is still sat in the fridge as I type, (deep-fried avocado tacos may have ruined all other foods for me!)


  • What amazing timing that you were there that same evening and that you not only noticed the event but came over to say “hi.” Lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing more of your blog posts. #HoCoFood!

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