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blueberry & lemon yogurt pops

Coming from the UK I would never complain about the warm weather that we get in Maryland during the summer months. That said though, it does get ridiculously muggy at times. Seriously, the humidity some days makes it feel like we’re living in the tropics. Ice lollies, of all varieties, are one of the best ways to cut through this cloying stickiness. (Apart from maybe a chilly G&T!)
These make such a handy summer-time snack I should imagine that there’ll always be a few stashed in the freezer. They’re pretty low in fat (depending on the type of yogurt that you choose), are packed with calcium and let’s face it blueberries are pretty awesome for you too. It’s almost like you’re doing your body a favour by eating them!
I like these to be quite tart and tangy for maximum refreshment, but feel free to add more honey and sugar if you have a sweeter-tooth than me. If you are making them for kiddy-winks then they’ll almost certainly want them to be a touch less sharp.

blueberry & lemon yogurt pops

makes 4-6 (depending on the size of your moulds)

300g Greek yogurt (any type)
2 tsp honey (more if you want it sweeter)
100g blueberries (I use part frozen and part fresh)
2 tsp sugar (again add more if you want them sweeter)
juice and zest of 1 lemon
splash of milk/cream (you might not need this)

Combine 80g of the blueberries with the lemon juice and sugar and gently heat them until they become thick and syrupy. Just swirl the pan rather than stirring it so that you don’t beak up the fruit too much. Leave this to cool.
Whisk together the yogurt, lemon zest and honey until they are well combined. If it seems a touch too thick to easily fill the lolly moulds then add a splash of milk/cream too.
Toss the reserved, uncooked fruit into the blueberry compote and then swirl it into the yogurt mixture to give it a nice marbled look. Spoon or pour this into the moulds, leaving a little room in each to allow for it to expand as it freezes. Give each of the moulds a bit of a shake or tap to get ride of any air bubbles too. Freeze until solid.
Once they are frozen solid I unmould them and store them, wrapped in cling film, in a tupperware tub so that I can free-up my ice lolly moulds for other frozen treats.

blueberry & lemon yogurt pops


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