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Brie & fig toastie

It feels as though we may be approaching the season of comfort food. The nights are drawing in and the big bowls of salad I’ve been feasting on during the summer are seeming less and less appealing.
Plus it’s fig season and I can never resist a sweet ripe fig. Especially if it’s teamed up with any form of dairy product. Ice cream, yoghurt, cheese – I don’t care really. I just know that I need to eat as many as a I can as quickly as possible.
I’ll certainly be eating more of these before the seasons over. As cheese toasties go (or grilled cheese on this side of the pond), this was pretty epic. Full of rich gooey, melty, buttery brie, sweet figs and fragrant thyme with plenty of crunch from the bread, Yeah, I could probably eat another one right now.

Brie & fig toastie

You can obviously be pretty fluid about quantities here, it all really just hinges on the surface area of your bread and the size of your figs.

serves 1

2 thick slices of white sourdough bread
handful of fresh baby spinach
2-3 fresh ripe figs, sliced
50g brie, sliced
small sprig of fresh thyme
big pinch of sea salt (smoked if you can get it)
pinch of black pepper
drizzle of honey

Butter the bread on both sides. Place one slice in a heavy frying pan (I use a crepe pan) and then layer on the spinach, followed by the cheese and the figs. Drizzle over the honey and then sprinkle on the seasonings and the thyme leaves. Top with the second slice of bread and gently press the sandwich together. Gently heat the pan, you don’t want it to be too hot or you’ll just burn the bread before the cheese achieves maximum gooeyness. Allow the underside of the sandwich to become crisp and golden and then carefully flip it over to brown the other side.
Transfer to a serving plate before cutting in two because the cheese will be gloriously oozy.

Brie & fig toastie

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