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Whilst Mr Colonial Cravings was building my beautiful new site he added a whole host of fun new features to play around with. So if you’re used to using the old blog site there are all sorts of new gubbins going on here…

Want to search for a particular recipe, theme or tag? Click the magnifying glass over there on the right and then click in the search area that pops up across the top of the screen and type away.


Craving some Winter comfort food or a Summery drink? Want to search recipes from a particular month? There’s a drop down just on the right that lets you do just that.

PicsArt_02_09_2016 18_24_49


Only interested in food or drinks or crafty things? You can select any of these categories and only see posts related to them.


Do you use Pinterest or Yummly to keep track of tasty treats and recipes you might like to make in the future? Well now all you have to do to add them from my blog is hover over a picture from that recipe, one click and you’re done. Simple! You can also tweet them and share them on Facebook like this too.



Feeling sociable? You can check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds up there on the top right of the screen. You can also follow my Pinterest boards. Don’t want to try to follow the recipe from your phone or tablet? Just click this print button and you can print whichever page you’re on.


Like what you’re reading and want to spread the love? Use the share buttons over there on the right.

And don’t forget you can comment on any post, you don’t have to be a WordPress user. The comment box it just down here…

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