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Kale, Bacon and Eggs

kale bacon and eggs

Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re all swell today.
Over the next few weeks I’m going to be making my way back home from Maryland to the Cotswolds (via the Galapagos Islands, which is why it’s going to take a few weeks). My kitchen is all packed up and in boxes and ready to sail its way across the Atlantic. All of which makes it pretty hard to create posts for Colonial Cravings. So I’m not going to.
If you follow me on any of my social media feeds then you’ll know how much I enjoy contributing to The Guardians reader recipe swap. It’s a great way to share and exchange recipes. Everyone has at least one dish in them that they really enjoy making or are proud of or means something special to them. So for the next few weeks I’m handing things over to some of the lovely folks who are part of the Colonial Cravings Facebook community. We’re going to have our own recipe swap! They’ve come up with a tasty selection of recipes to share with you. You guys are in for a treat.
Charlene is first up with a yummy breakfast recipe that sounds pretty delicious and even better requires no weighing or measuring, because let’s face it who can handle that first thing in the morning. So, over to Charlene….

kale bacon and eggs

Being unable to process lovely carbs without difficulty, I’m always on the lookout for decent non-carb twists to food I love. I like breakfast, and for a long time, couldn’t cope with the idea of bread-free breakfast. Until this.
I’ve adapted this from (I’m ashamed to admit it) Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop website. Her version had all sorts of stuff I’d never want to eat first thing in the morning, so I’ve altered it to fit my fussy tastes.

kale bacon and eggs

Serves as few or as many as you need

As much decent bacon as you fancy, preferably thick cut and more-meat-than-fat streaky rashers (although any form of decent bacon will do.)
As many eggs as you like (two per person is usually enough)
About 100g of kale per person.

kale bacon and eggs

Dice the bacon and begin frying it in a large pan without oil, over a moderate heat.
Bring a large saucepan of water to boil, ready to poach your eggs.
Once the bacon starts to brown, chuck the kale on top of it. When the kale has started to wilt toss it together with bacon. Now you can poach your eggs.

kale bacon and eggs
Reduce the heat under the pan of water and either crack the eggs into a bowl or into a fine sieve (this will get rid of any loose egg white and reduce the straggly bits on your eggs).
Use a large slotted spoon to stir the water to get it spinning. Once you have a bit of a vortex, drop the eggs into the centre. They will keep separate, apart from a few straggly bits, so you can poach a fair few eggs together this way (or use your own poaching method).
Once the eggs are cooked (I recommend that you cook them well, as the kale will not soak up runny poached eggs when eating), dish out the bacon and kale, then serve the eggs on top.

kale bacon and eggs

Eat like you’ve been deprived of food for days, preferably with a brew the colour of David Dickenson’s cheekbones.

Charlene also blogs at https://batearedpuppy.wordpress.com/ and https://pipandjojo.wordpress.com/ (but only after a decent breakfast!)

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