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Cocoa coffee martini

chocolate espresso martini

Mr Colonial Cravings has always been partial to an espresso martini but he’s much more of a gin drinker than a vodka drinker. I think we both feel a bit like vodka doesn’t bring much to the table flavour-wise. If you swap it for Hotel Chocolat cocoa gin though, tasty things happen.

Cocoa gin coffee martini

makes 1

25ml cold espresso
25ml Hotel Chocolat cocoa gin
25ml coffee liqueur
15ml amaretto (optional but really good)
cocoa nibs to garnish

Put everything but the garnish in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. The longer and harder you shake it the frothier the finish will be. Strain into a martini glass and allow it to settle for a moment or two before garnishing with a few cocoa nibs.

cocoa coffee martini

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