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 Aperol and grape sorbet


aperol and grape sorbet

As you may know by now I am not really a fan of sparkling wine. In fact when we checked into a super-fancy hotel on our journey back to the UK from the US and were given a glass of champagne, I made Mr Colonial Cravings finish mine as soon as we reached our room!
If you add something to it though I’m far more likely to indulge. This was how I discovered that I really quite like Aperol. It’s my new favourite summer refresher. Another hotel we stayed at (it must be a vibe I give off) served me a (okay, several) delicious Aperol spritz and even in the muggy D.C heat I was instantly perked up.
This sorbet is equally refreshing and can be served on its own as a wonderful palate cleanser or with a splash of sparkling wine poured over it for cocktail indulgence. If you have an ice cream maker to churn it in it’s also ludicrously easy to make, but looks like you’ve put in a ton of effort (which let’s face it, we all like!)
If you don’t have an ice cream maker you’ll just have to remember to regularly beat the sorbet as it freezes to break up the ice crystals in it.

grape and aperol aperol sorbet

makes about 1 pint

700g green seedless grapes
100g sugar
75ml Aperol

aperol sorbet

Put the grapes and the sugar in a blender and blend the until they are smooth and the sugar has dissolved.
Strain the resulting pulpy liquid through a fairly fine sieve and then stir the Aperol into the remaining liquid.
Pour this into your ice cream make and let it churn. Transfer the sorbet to a freezer proof container and then freeze until solid.

Grape and aperol sorbet

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