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Blackberry and custard frozen terrine

blackberry and custard iced dessert

My oh my! What a pud this is! You can keep your fancy tubs of ice cream, I’ll have this please. Home made ice cream always tastes so much more wonderful than anything you buy, no matter how much money you spend on it and this is no exception.
The custard ice cream is so rich and creamy and full of vanilla and the blackberries are rich and jammy. There’s also a little bit of crunch from the crisp nuggets of meringue hiding inside. If you feel like spoiling someone (or just yourself) make them this.

blackberry and custard iced terrine

Obviously you can use bought meringues in this if you’re short on time but because I never waste anything if I can help it, I use the spare egg white to make mine. You just need 50g of sugar per white, here are some recipes to help.

serves 6
ice cream
300ml double cream
150ml whole milk
1 egg
1 egg yolk
60g sugar
1 ½ tbsp cornflour
1 tsp vanilla paste

blackberry swirl
150g blackberries
1 tbsp sugar

3-4 meringue nests or meringue made from the extra egg white

blackberry and custard iced terrine

Kick things off by making the base for the ice cream. Put 150ml of the cream in a saucepan along with the milk and gently warm them. Don’t let them get too hot.
Place the egg and egg yolk in a large mixing bowl and sprinkle in the sugar, cornflour and vanilla paste. Whisk this until it is very thick, pale and fluffy.
Whilst still whisking this add the warm milk/cream in a slow, steady stream. Make sure that you keep it all moving to prevent it from curdling. Rinse out the pan and then put the custard mixture back into it and set it over a low heat. Stir the custard continuously until has become quite smooth and thick and then leave it to cool.

blackberry and custard ice cream

Make the blackberry swirl by mixing together the fruit and the sugar in a small pan. Put it over a low heat to warm so that the fruit releases its juices. Crush the berries with a fork and let it bubble for a few minutes so that it thickens slightly. Push the fruit through a sieve over a small bowl to leave you with a thin puree. Let this cool.
By now the custard should have cooled down too. Softly whip the remaining cream in a large bowl and then combine this with the custard. Put this into an ice cream maker and churn it until it has the texture of soft serve ice cream. If you don’t have an ice cream maker then put it in the freezer and beat it every so often to break up the ice crystals. Don’t let it freeze too firmly though.

blackberry and custard iced terrine

To assemble the terrine line a loaf tin (or something similar) with cling film and pour in half of the ice cream. Spread this around and then drizzle over half of the blackberry puree. Marble the two together. Break up the meringue and spread this over the ice cream and top it with the rest of the ice cream. Marble through the last of the blackberry puree too. Cover the top of the terrine with several layers of cling film and then put it in the freezer for several hours to firm up.

blackberry and custard iced terrine

To serve the terrine simply peel the clingfilm from the top and then invert the tin onto a plate. The tin should easily slide off and then you can peel away the remaining clingfilm before decorating with a few extra blackberries and some mint leaves.

blackberry and custard ice cream

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