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Ginger and dark chocolate fudge

chocolate and ginger fudge

Our annual festive fudge making session is done and dusted for another year! I missed out last year because we didn’t come back from Maryland for Christmas and my friend Rach had to go solo.
This year we got to revive the tradition though with this yummy dark chocolate topped ginger version. It’s gorgeously creamy with a lovely little fiery warmth from the crystallised ginger. The dark chocolate adds a little extra indulgence, which no-one can refuse at this time of year!

ginger fudge


Cuts into 12 big pieces

400g condensed milk
110g butter
250g soft brown sugar
200g granulated sugar
80ml milk
70ml cream
75g crystallised ginger
100g dark chocolate

chocolate and ginger fudge

Line a deep-sided tin or a baking dish with greaseproof paper and set it to one side.
Combine everything but the ginger and chocolate in a large pan and melt it together over a low heat. Stir it constantly to make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved.
Increase the heat ever so slightly and bring the mixture to boiling point. Let the mixture bubble away and stir it occasionally (carefully, you don’t want to splash hot molten fudge on yourself!) to stop the mixture catching on the bottom of the pan and burning. Let the mixture bubble for about 10 minutes, it should darken a little and have reached ‘soft ball’ stage when it’s done. You can check for ‘soft ball’ using a sugar thermometer or by dropping a little of the mixture into some ice-water. It should form, you guessed it, a soft ball.
Remove the pan from the heat, ideally put it on a cool, heat proof surface and start to beat the life out of the fudge using a wooden spoon. Beat the fudge until it becomes very thick and creamy.
Roughly chop the ginger and stir it into the fudge before pouring the whole lot into the prepared tin. Spread it out and smooth off the top and then leave the fudge to firm up and set.
Melt the chocolate and then spread it in a generous layer on top of the set fudge before leaving to cool and set and then cutting into chunks.

ginger fudge

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