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Labneh is a Middle Eastern cream cheese made from strained yoghurt. It’s a little softer and slightly less sticky than standard cream cheese and has a delicious fresh tart flavour. It’s also incredibly easy to make and only requires a couple of ingredients. I like to use fat-free Greek yoghurt as it tends to be a little thicker to start with. The longer you leave it to strain the thicker the resulting cheese will be but you need to allow a minimum of 24 hours for this. I leave mine for 36 hours (give or take).
This is delicious just served very simply on toasted sourdough, topped with some flavourful sun-dried tomatoes.

400-500g fat-free Greek yoghurt (depending on the capacity of your sieve)
big pinch of sea salt
olive oil
finely chopped mixed ‘soft’ herbs (whatever you like, match the flavours to what you’re serving the labneh with)

You’ll also need a sieve and a piece of cheese cloth

Line your sieve with the cheese cloth and place it over a suitably sized bowl. Stir the salt into the yoghurt and then tip it into the sieve. Loosely tie up the cheese cloth and then put the whole lot in the fridge and leave it to strain for at least 24 hours, a little longer if you want it to be thick enough to roll like mine.
Once the whey has been strained out you should be left with a thick cream cheese. Rub a little olive oil on your hands and then, using a spoonful at a time, roll the cheese into balls before coating them in the chopped herbs. Pop the balls into a serving bowl or a pot if you’re storing them for a few days, and drizzle them with a splash more oil. Delicious!

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