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Elderflower Tom Collins

The other day I came across something new (to me) and exciting called a tiger lemon. If you’ve never seen one then it’s got green and yellow striped skin and it should have pale pink flesh. (The ones I bought didn’t so this may be a bit hit and miss.)
I decided that this magical new fruit deserved something a little more special than just becoming ‘ice and a slice’ in a G & T.
A Tom Collins is a wonderfully refreshing drink and a dash of elderflower cordial in place of the simple syrup adds a little more interest to it.
I’ve added a couple of drops of Peychauds bitters to compensate for the lack of colour in my tiger lemons but you don’t really have to. You don’t even have to use tiger lemons if you can’t find them, any old lemon will be turned into a star by this drink.

makes 2
juice of two lemons
50ml elderflower cordial
70ml gin (I used Aviation)
dash of Peychauds bitters (optional)
soda water
maraschino cherries

Shake together the lemon juice, elderflower cordial, gin and bitters (if using) with a handful of ice and then pour into a couple of tumblers filled with ice. Top up with the soda water and garnish with a maraschino cherry and a slice of lemon. Cheers!

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