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Berry Basil Smoothie

Generally speaking I’m not too fussed about smoothies. I love fruit so eating it never feels like a chore and I also think that eating it rather than drinking it makes me feel more full (and therefore a lot less likely to reach for less healthy treats!)
As a vegetarian I’ve always struggled with my iron levels and I also suffer from endometriosis which means I do get a bit anaemic now and then. So lately I’ve been channelling my inner-Popeye and knocking up these fruity little numbers to try and get a little more iron into my diet without making myself sick of green veg – I love broccoli but I’m really not sure it’s a breakfast food!

makes 2
200g frozen mixed berries
1 tbsp honey/maple syrup
2 tbsp of skyr (or other thick fat-free yoghurt)
huge handful of spinach
8 basil leaves
4 mint leaves
250ml water

Whack everything into a blender/liquidiser and blend the life out of it, obviously. Done!

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