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Coconut water margaritas

Allegedly it’s spring here in the UK. The weather has yet to get the memo. All too often it’s still cold and wet and grey. So obviously, with cinco de mayo coming up, I’m going to make myself a few of these and pretend that I’m somewhere warm and sunny!
These are a nice alternative to a traditional margarita, very refreshing and not quite as tart. As some people claim that coconut water is good for you then that must mean that this is a health drink too right…?

makes 1
juice of half a lime
125ml chilled coconut water
30ml tequilla (I use Patron Silver)
15ml simple syrup

Shake all the ingredients together with plenty of ice and then pour into the glass of your choice, with or without extra ice. Garnish with slices of lime and a salt rim if you like.

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