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Vegan mango gin flip

I love an egg white based cocktail but they aren’t the kind of thing that you can make all the time, unless you’re also going to make custard all the time (or something else to use up all those leftover egg yolks). Some people are also a bit put off by the idea drinking raw egg white in a cocktail, or you might simply want a vegan alternative.
Whatever the reason, I urge you to give this cocktail a go. It’s got such a lovely velvety texture from the aquafaba and lots of refreshingly tropical flavour from the mango and lime.

Make the mango puree by simply blending the flesh of a very ripe mango until it’s completely smooth, it shouldn’t need any extra sweetening.

serves 1
35ml aquafaba (the water from canned chickpeas)
15ml simple syrup
15ml lime juice
35ml gin (I used Cotswold)
30ml mango puree

Shake the aquafaba for a minute on its own in a cocktail shaker, this helps to aerate it. Add the remaining ingredients and plenty of ice and vigorously shake again. Strain into coupe shaped glasses, garnish and serve.

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