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Kiwi basil ice cream (no-churn)

I love basil ice cream and it’s something that I’ve made a few times before. I like it most when it’s paired with something fruity and a little bit sharp and acidic, I really think it brings out the fragrant flavours of the basil. Using kiwi for this was a bit of an experiment but it works really, really well, especially using golden kiwi fruit as they’re just the right side of acidic to complement the basil.
It’s a really refreshing ice cream too, not at all sickly or sweet, almost like a combination between a sorbet and ice cream. It’s really lovely.

300ml double cream
175g condensed milk
3 golden kiwi fruit
juice and zest of 1/2 a lemon
small bunch of fresh basil leaves

Pour the cream and condensed milk into the bowl of a stand mixer and whip them together until they hold fairly firm peaks.
Peel the fruit and blend them with the basil, lemon juice and zest in a liquidiser so that they are completely smooth. Carefully fold the two mixtures together, making sure that they are well combined but without losing too much volume from the cream. Pour the ice cream mixture into a freezer-proof container and freeze until firm.

4 thoughts on “Kiwi basil ice cream (no-churn)”

      • Hey,
        Just to let you know that I did this ice-ream and it was success. The only thing by the time I was going to make it, my basil gone bad, and I didn’t want to go to the shop. So I used mint instead and it worked too, I would do it again. Thank you for the recipe!:)

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