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Homemade ice magic

Who else remembers ice magic (or am I showing my age there?) I think it’s also sometimes called magic shell, it’s basically a chocolate sauce, which you can flavour however you like, that solidifies to a hard, crisp shell when you pour it over cold ice cream.
This is kind of a cheat. It’s too simple to really count as a recipe! Just a couple of ingredients melted together. It’s as easy as that!
So if you’re inundated with Easter Eggs this weekend why not melt a couple down, indulge in an ice-cream treat and enjoy the sunny weather.

serves 6(ish)
200g chocolate (I like dark but use whatever you like)
3-4 tbsp flavourless oil (vegetable or coconut work well)
extract or flavouring of your choice (optional)

Simply melt everything together and stir well. Pour into a heatproof jar or bottle for storing. Warm a little before serving over your favourite ice cream so that it returns to a liquid consistency.

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