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Tahini frappe (vegan option)

Should summer ever find its way to the UK I think that this would be deliciously refreshing on a warm day. I would never buy something like this from a big coffee shop chain, partly because the town I live in is blessed with several amazing independent coffee shops and partly because I find the amount of sugar in them a bit scary. With this recipe though I can enjoy frappuccino deliciousness from my own kitchen. I love the combination of coffee and tahini and using plant milk makes it really creamy whilst the honey adds just a touch of sweetness.

serves 1
ice (small cubes blend more easily)
milk (I used oat, which was lovely and creamy)
50ml espresso
1 tsp tahini
1 tsp honey

Fill your glass with ice and top it up with milk before pouring it into a blender along with the coffee, tahini and honey. Blend until smooth and then pour back into your glass to serve.

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