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Apple and blackberry trifle

I know it’s bit old fashioned and kitsch but I really do love a trifle. I tend to think of them as either a summer or Christmas dessert though, probably because my Grandma (and now my mum) always made one for Christmas. I just love the layers, the creamy custard and tangy fruit topped off with cool, fluffy cream. It’s the perfect combination for me. Which goes for this Autumnal version too, you can’t really go wrong with apple, blackberry and custard at this time of year, can you?!

serves 4-6 (depending on how greedy you are!)
150g apple
150g blackberries
3 egg yolks
4 tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
35g cornflour
300ml double cream
300ml milk
pre-made sponge, enough to create a single layer
extra berries and mint leaves to decorate

Begin by making the compote. Peel, core and dice the apple and gently cook it in a small pan with the blackberries, 1 tbsp of the sugar and 1 tsp of the cornflour until the apple is tender and the berries have cooked down to a nice thick compote. Pour this mixture into your serving dish and top it with the sponge whilst it is still warm so that the cake can soak up any extra juices.

Make the custard by heating the milk with 100ml of the cream until it is quite warm but don’t let it boil. Whisk together the egg yolks and vanilla with the remaining 3 tbsp of sugar and 30g of cornflour until they are quite pale and fluffy. Strain the warm liquid through a sieve into a jug and rinse out the pan. Whilst continuously whisking, pour the warm milk mixture into the eggs in a slow steady stream. Return the custard to the pan and gently heat, stirring until it becomes very thick. Set aside to cool to almost room temperature before pouring over the sponge layer.
Softly whip the remaining 200ml of cream and then pipe or spoon it onto the cold custard layer. Decorate with extra berries and a few mint leaves and then chill before serving.

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