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Seasons Greetings (and eatings)!

Seasons Greetings (and eatings)!

Hello lovely readers! I hope you have all been enjoying the Christmas festivities and have indulging in all sorts of delicious treats with your friends and families. I’m sorry that I don’t have a new recipe for you today but Mr Colonial Cravings and myself […]

Home cook of the year.

Home cook of the year.

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a delicious and enjoyable festive period. I’ve got a little bit of exciting news to share with you all. If you follow any of my social media feeds or read the Cook supplement in The Guardian then you’ve […]

New & improved ColonialCravings

Whilst Mr Colonial Cravings was building my beautiful new site he added a whole host of fun new features to play around with. So if you’re used to using the old blog site there are all sorts of new gubbins going on here… Want to […]

Shiny new website!

Hello my lovelies,   This is going to be the new home for all things ColonialCravings. We’re at capacity on wordpress.com so it’s time to move to a bigger, brighter home. Mr Colonial Cravings has spent the last couple of weeks working very hard tweaking […]

It’s National Cheesecake Day everyone!

I have no idea who decides these things (although it sounds like a fun job) but today is National Cheesecake day. There are certainly plenty of yummy ideas on here to choose from if you needed any inspiration, like fruity white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, […]

Good morning Britishers!

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that if you flick through the Cook! section of this Saturday’s Guardian you may just stumble across one of my recipes in the American recipe swap article. Have a lovely weekend and […]


On Thursday night I was driving back from my volunteering ‘job’ when I decided that, seeing as Mr Colonial Cravings was spending the evening down in D.C, I might treat myself to something nice from Whole Foods for dinner. As I was wending my way […]

You can follow me through Bloglovin too!

I realise I’ve taken my sweet time about this but I’ve finally got around to properly putting Colonial Cravings on Bloglovin. So if that’s your bag then click on the link below… <a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/10409075/?claim=6b92mmfn64a”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Don’t forget there’s also a Facebook page […]

Did you know….

…that Colonial Cravings now (or should I say finally) has its own Facebook page. Look, there it is, down in the bottom right hand corner. See all those happy smiling faces, you can join them – just hit the like button and I promise to […]


I have very kindly been nominated for a Liebster Award by chili365.wordpress.com. (who knew chili could come in so many different guises?) I feel a little bit like the time I won a £5 book token in primary school. I spent it on ‘My First […]